TOMB 179​

History of the tomb

This is chamber 179 of Francisco Presedo’s excavation, which is the last chamber of those listed in his work and unfortunately, there is no type of description of the work that was published in the 80s. The tomb only appears reflected in the general sketch of the excavation, with which we assume that the tomb was excavated by looters and Presedo later incorporated it into the general plans of the excavation.

It is a type of tomb very characteristic of the Baza area, these four vertical slabs make up a kind of box in the tomb. It had a plaster floor, the walls were also covered in plaster, probably painted, but no remains of the paintings remain. The most interesting thing about this tomb 179 is that we have verified that it has an access corridor on the passage on the west side of the tomb, since a recess can be seen in the jabaluna, which the Iberians themselves built and that gives access to a small corridor. covered in plaster that would be the way to enter and exit the cist. There is no information about the original cover of the tomb and probably, with how devastated the land around it is, no more can be known about the case.

Another curious characteristic of this burial is that it is destroying a previous structure, a kind of semicircle excavated in the subsoil and covered in plaster, which forms a kind of bucket or bathtub, in which at the edges, where we were able to collect some archaeological information , make up a grave that was intentionally cushioned, covered with a layer of adobe and removed geological soil and that could correspond to a bustum but no more data is available to be able to refine it with precision. What is clear is that when they built the cist they knew that this structure was there because it symmetrically destroys this bathtub.

Cista: Burial that consists of four side slabs and a fifth that acts as a cover.

Slab: Stone fragment, partially exsquared.

Cinerary urn: Urn intended to contain the ashes of corpses.

Necropolis: Large cemetery in which funeral monuments abound.


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