Was it a tomb?

It is the plinth of a large building of Roman chronology, built with carved ashlars and joined with lead staples. Its floor plan consists of a semi-underground room, paved with brick tiles and accessed from a porch open to the east.

This building is a turriform monument, common in the early imperial period, which would have a two-story body, which we know thanks to a series of ashlars preserved in the municipal museum of Baza. This monument would be a Roman family pantheon from the 1st century AD, of one of the most important families in the municipality of Basti.

Starting in the 2nd century, the area around the monument became a small burial necropolis, which would continue in use until the 5th century.

– Burial: Burial of a corpse.

– Sacralize: Attribute or confer sacred character to what did not have it.

– Mausoleum: Building that is made to preserve and praise the remains of a person, entire family or group of people with some type of relationship.


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