TOMB 182​

History of the tomb

It corresponds to the simplest typology of the necropolis. It is an urn covered with a lidded plate, inserted into a hole without an accompanying trousseau. In this case it is a child of approximately 9 years old according to the preliminary results of anthropology and the curiosity of this tomb is that it is located on the slope of the hill, which indicates that the necropolis was saturated and that there was little space left for the tombs. Due to this, they were forced to occupy peripheral and marginal spaces on the hill.

Cista: Burial that consists of four side slabs and a fifth that acts as a cover.

Jabaluna: Native limestone with a dark color, like that of wild boar, when wet.

– Trousseau: Set of artifacts that accompany the deceased during his burial.

Cinerary urn: Urn intended to contain the ashes of corpses.

Necropolis: Large cemetery in which funeral monuments abound.

Adobe: Mass of mud sometimes mixed with straw, molded into a brick and dried in the air, which is used in the construction of walls or walls.


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